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Our investment approach in credit is to produce consistent, above average returns by applying time-tested principles of investing and maintaining discipline around capital preservation while targeting an appropriate risk/return balance in our portfolios. Our focus is on strategies and asset classes where we feel we can add significant value to the investor by either providing unique access to an asset class or unique expertise or skill to the investment process.


  1. Founded in 1993, one of the world’s most experienced alternative credit managers, tested by numerous credit cycles
  2. Largest U.S. CLO manager
  3. Pioneer in developing the leveraged loan and CLO markets


  1. Align interests through co-investment and transparency
  2. Pursue “alpha-by-avoidance” – what separates great managers from good is how quickly they identify and avoid losers
  3. Use checks and balances that help mitigate risks and volatility


  1. Remain independent, employee-owned with “owner-operator” mindset
  2. Develop solutions for investors, not products
  3. Advocate for investors